Honey functions as an internal social network


Honey is a social network type intranet platform that allows companies to easily share, organize, archive, and search workplace content. It includes features designed specifically for coworkers to connect and share with one another as well as features designed for executive leaders to communicate with and engage employees. The platform also offers the ability to share select content with clients, vendors, or freelancers.

Monthly cost for up to 50 people is $4 per user. Custom pricing is available for teams of more than 50 people. 

Front & Main (funded by Huge Labs and Interpublic Group).

Jonathan Raymond, chief brand officer at EMyth, has been using Honey for about two months.

How do you use it?
We have people from all over the world using it. We log on using our Google Federated Login.

It is a really clean interface and very easy to use. That is really important to us because we don’t have to do much training on it.

Through a single dashboard you can read posts; post new topics, articles, or discussion topics; add people to topics; and more. We have a number of different topics and groups of people set up, and you can post one discussion to multiple groups.

If there is a problem we email our point of contact. We have not had many problems.

How does it serve your business needs?
For us, it functions as an internal social network. It was better than other products such as Google+ because of its simplicity and its privacy – it discourages inappropriate sharing outside of the organization.

We have an external network of coaches, who are independent contractors, around the world. The larger purpose for using Honey was to create a place where they feel connected to each other and to us.

It also allows us to cut down on email because we can share interesting and relevant content internally. Individual users can set how often they want to see content based on topics. 

Overall, it allows for more efficient sharing of information internally.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It is Web-based. It only integrates through our Google Federated Login.

What are the main benefits?
It’s a closed community. There is no easy way for people to accidentally share things publicly. It’s a simple interface that is easy to learn and navigate.

Honey is making rapid improvements and releases and customer service is really responsive.

What are the main drawbacks?
It’s lacking in administrative controls. For example, we can’t set user roles or specific permissions for topics.

There are some bugs, which is typical for a new product. For example, we get logged out pretty frequently.

What would you like to see improved/added?
The biggest thing I would like is more sophisticated administrative controls so we can assign different roles and security profiles to different users. 


Salesforce Chatter: an enterprise social network built on the Salesforce1 Platform. Features include the ability to collaborate across projects, topics, and teams; the ability to search and track topics and experts; custom actions and instant deployment for any business process; secure social and mobile file sharing; and more. 

Yammer: a private social network that allows users to collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content, and business applications. Features include employee profiles; open and private conversation platforms; the ability to search for experts, documents, conversations, and projects; and more.

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