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Honda sparks on-air TV race

The Offer: As part of the American Honda Motor Co.‘s sponsorship of the UK’s Channel 4 Documentaries, the brand has embarked on a campaign to produce mini-documentaries about interesting ways customers use Honda products. Visitors to hub.honda.co.uk can enter to be the subject of the final customer documentary, which will air on TV and be housed on the site. ?

The Data: To enter, visitors submit basic personal information, write 200 words about their experience with Honda and provide a YouTube link or image of themselves using the product. Entrants can choose to receive email and newsletters from the company, as well as direct mail and telephone marketing messages.?

The Channel: The first mini-documentary to air Channel 4, about an alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire who uses a Honda ATV to herd her flock, debuted in June, while the latest, “Night Fishing,” about a fisherman whose boat features twin Honda engines, aired in July. Both currently live on the microsite. ?

The Creative: Documentaries focus on the unique lifestyles of the subjects rather than on the Honda ?products themselves. Each “day-in-the-life” feature portrays Honda as enabling the subject to carry on his way of life more securely and conveniently.?


Dylan Taylor is executive creative director of BMF. Taylor was the first Australian to be awarded the Irving Wunderman Award for lifetime achievement at the John Caples International Awards in 2008. He is on the Caples executive committee.

Honda has created some of the most beautiful work around the world in recent years. These films are beautifully shot and the narrative gently guides you through the story, with the “Oh, I get it” moment as the product is featured at the end. It’s simple, engaging, true-to-life work, and I hope it gains traction and drives engagement. Nice, simple and credible.?

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