Home Depot

The Home Depot boasts on its corporate Web site that it is “the fastest growing retailer in US history” since it was founded in 1978. One way it has built that growth was through its Hispanic marketing efforts targeting Hispanic customers.

Last year, the home-improvement chain launched an improved Spanish-language Web site that was enabled for e-commerce for the first time. The company cited research showing that Hispanic consumers are more likely than non-Hispanics to conduct research online before making a purchase in store, and are underserved online. The company also used direct mail to target Hispanic customers, as well as e-mail and TV ads targeting the demographic group. It also launched a Hispanic color palette named Colores Origenes in 2005.

In the middle part of this decade, the company placed considerable stock in direct. It launched two new catalog brands, 10 Crescent Lane and Paces Trading Company, and acquiring the Home Decorators catalog business. At that time, it predicted that its direct sales would reach $1 billion by 2010.

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