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Home Depot Expands Online Sales to Continental US

Home Depot yesterday completed the rollout of online sales to the entire continental United States after starting earlier this month in a few states in the West.

The nationwide chain of home improvement stores first made online buying available to consumers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Arizona April 6, with deliveries made through United Parcel Service. Now, consumers in all 48 states in the continental United States can buy products for home delivery through homedepot.com, the company said.

Home Depot's online catalog contains about 20,000 products, although product availability varies by region. In Las Vegas, San Antonio and Austin, TX, the entire Home Depot inventory of 50,000 products is available online. Customers in those cities also can phone in orders and pick them up or have them delivered.

Those three cities were the locations where Atlanta-based Home Depot tested its online sales last year

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