Holiday pointers: Email

Confused by all the advice on how best to reach consumers through email marketing? While opinions may differ, here’s a basic list (worth checking twice).

Make the most of daily deals. This tried-and-true email marketing strategy drives anticipation among consumers and keeps them opening emails for the deep discounts and limited-time offers.

Do your homework. Take a long look at last year’s holiday email campaign performance, especially in the days leading up to Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. By pinpointing trends, you’ll get a more accurate assessment of preferred mailing frequency, which promotions are most likely to resonate with consumers, and what mistakes you made so you can avoid making them again.

Leverage Web analytics. Work hand-in-hand with your company’s CRM team to determine which products consumers are purchasing, when they’re buying these items, and how frequently. Tailor email marketing campaigns accordingly.

Be yourself. It’s easy to fall victim to holiday marketing mania. But if you’re a brand that caters to a more conservative, mature demographic, the holiday season shouldn’t be an excuse to suddenly load your email messages with all sort of bells and whistles. Doing so may win you agency awards, but it’s also likely to alienate your audience.

Don’t fall for marketing folklore. Remember when marketing pundits used to say that the best day to send email is Tuesday? Well, that may have been true, that is, until everyone started delivering emails on Tuesday. Always base your campaign initiatives on cold, hard data.

Keep the momentum going. According to MediaPost, more than two thirds of consumers take advantage of post-holiday sales. Creating targeted emails with compelling offers during this period could help drive sales and increase conversion rates.

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