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HiWired president says funding serves three purposes

HiWired Inc., a provider of technology support and CRM services, has completed a $9 million fundraising push.

This round of fundraising, the second for HiWired, was led by North Hill Ventures. Kodiak Venture Partners and Sigma Partners, main participants in HiWired’s Series A funding round, also assisted in Series B.

HiWired, which could not be reached for comment at press time, will use the $9 million to expand its marketing and sales efforts. The company will also build on its existing technology services and customer interaction platforms.

Partners at North Hill Ventures cited the growth in digital home services as a reason for the firm’s support of HiWired. The HiWired Smart technology platform is already deployed by retailers, manufacturers and digital service providers across the US and in 20 countries worldwide.

The HiWired Smart Technology platform assists clients in marketing, management, delivery and analysis of customer services. The platform’s four components currently include the PC3 Desktop client interface, MAPP Personalized marketing platform, Pearl business analytics and reporting and TechWeb, which automates service delivery, job management, customer management and billing.

HiWired provides customer and tech support for partners including OfficeMax, Cox, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. The company is located in Needham, MA.

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