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Hispanics More Loyal to Brands Advertising in Spanish: Study

A recent study from ad agency Marketing Bodega found that the use of Spanish-language and Hispanic images increases marketers’ chances of reaching Hispanic consumers.

Results show that 76 percent of survey respondents are drawn to brands that use Hispanic images in advertising. Also, 82 percent of the respondents said they choose a brand with which they are familiar. Also, 64 percent are more loyal to a brand that advertises in Spanish.

The Marketing Bodega, a Hispanic marketing group within The Marketing Store, joined Spanish-language newspaper Hoy in this survey project called, “The Hispanic Mindset: Going Beyond the Numbers.”

More than 750 Hoy readers responded with opinions on what should be changed in marketing and advertising for U.S. Hispanic consumers.

The survey was developed to better understand and communicate with Hispanics consumers. It reveals cultural and psychological insights pertinent to targeting this fast-growing ethnic segment of the U.S. population.

The Marketing Bodega and Hoy will present results of the complete project at the 2006 Promo Live Conference on Oct. 12.

Hoy is a Spanish-language newspaper that has a weekly distribution of over 1.5 million copies in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Bodega is the newest group formed by the Marketing Store, an agency with clients like McDonald’s Corp., Nissan and General Mills.

Roberta Vasconcelos is an intern on DM News. She is a native of Recife, PE, Brazil.

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