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Hiring a TensorFlow Developer: Major Skills to Look For

TensorFlow Developer
TensorFlow Developer

TensorFlow is an open-source library for computing large-scale machine learning. The Google Brain team created it by combining machine learning and deep learning models and algorithms.

TensorFlow can train and run deep neural networks for handwritten digit classification, image recognition, recurrent neural networks, and natural language processing. TensorFlow supports model scaling.

Developers TensorFlow is valued in modern society. This profession is in demand, but finding a worthy specialist can be challenging.

If you want to hire TensorFlow developer and be sure of the right choice, you should use the Huntly platform. It brings together professional and certified specialists who have passed a thorough selection process. Clients can be confident in the high quality of the services received.

How TensorFlow Works

The framework allows developers to create graphs, a data structure consisting of a finite set of vertices and edges. Vertices can be part of the graph structure or external objects represented by integer indices or references.

Each node in the graph represents a mathematical operation, and each edge represents a multidimensional data array or Tensor. TensorFlow provides all this to the Python programmer. You can quickly master this language and work. It offers convenient expressions of the relationships between high-level abstractions.

TensorFlow applications can be run on almost any device:

  • local computer;
  • cluster in the cloud;
  • devices with Android and iOS OS;
  • central or graphics processors.

TensorFlow has many advantages, but the most important thing is its abstraction. Due to this, the developer does not waste time on the most minor details but can focus on the overall logic of the application. TensorFlow takes care of the details behind the scenes.

The product offers the developer additional convenience. Active execution mode allows you to evaluate and change each graph operation element by element. You don’t have to build the entire graph as one opaque object and consider it a whole.

Who Works With TensorFlow?

Machine learning specialists work with TensorFlow. Such developers are engaged in creating, configuring, and training a model to solve intellectual issues:

  • classification;
  • recognition;
  • other types of tasks.

Scientists and data analysts who need machine learning to solve practical data processing problems can also use this library.

What Skills Should TensorFlow Developers Have?

It is essential to hire the right TensorFlow developer for your project. The quality of the final result will depend on how qualified the specialists performed the task. A person must be able to work with TensorFlow and understand its components. Only in this case will he be able to provide the customer with a high-quality product, considering all the requirements and individual wishes.

What is TensorFlow Used For?

The library includes many tools for different areas of ML, but it is most often used to work with neural networks. Neural networks consist of software elements — neurons and connections between them, and such a device allows them to learn.

TensorFlow works with different types of regular and deep neural networks:

  • recurrent;
  • convolutional;
  • other types.

Additionally, the library is used for machine and deep learning. Among the striking examples of the use of technologies are the recognition of natural language, images, and handwritten texts, various classification or clustering tasks, and big data processing.

When choosing a TensorFlow developer, look for the following skills:

Python Proficiency

The foundation is a strong knowledge of Python syntax, object-oriented programming, and data structures. Knowledge of data manipulation libraries (NumPy, Pandas) will be an additional advantage.

Fundamentals of Machine Learning

The practitioner must understand supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning. Knowledge of general machine learning algorithms and evaluation metrics will be a big plus.

Communication and Collaboration

Specialists must communicate effectively with each team member to understand the assigned tasks, actively participate in the work process, and collaborate with all stakeholders.

TensorFlow Expertise

Each specialist must master the foundation, which consists of tensors, teaching methodology, and computational graphs. It wouldn’t hurt to check that the specialist has a portfolio with similar tasks — this will allow you to be more confident that the candidate can handle the project.

Problem-Solving Skills

Any task or project is a long journey, and various atypical situations may occur on the way to the finish line. A specialist can break an enormous task into smaller parts and components.

Selecting a specialist to complete a task is a responsible process. You must consider the job’s complexity and understand what qualities a potential candidate should have (both professional and human).

Final Thoughts

Finding a suitable specialist can be challenging for ordinary customers due to the specific nature of the activities that such employees are engaged in. Choose TensorFlow developers on proven and reputable platforms to avoid making a mistake with your choice and be confident in the project’s high-quality implementation.

Huntly is a platform where you can find qualified IT professionals, including TensorFlow developers. All candidates undergo strict selection and testing for knowledge and skills compliance. Customers can be sure they are entrusting the work to someone who can complete it efficiently and on time.

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