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Here’s why I hate the “World’s Toughest Job” viral ad

By now, you’ve probably seen this viral ad from Cardstore.com, which is being shared all over the social networks as an example of a great, if overtly sentimental advertisement that highlights just how much work mothers do for us, and how they’re the most important people in your life. In case you missed it, here’s the video:

The creative team behind the commercial came up with a concept where it put out an ad for a fake job, with a few insane sounding requirements such as  no pay, being on your feet most of the time, no breaks and no vacation. It then films the interviews of the poor, desperate souls who actually applied for the job and then shames them by revealing the insane slave labor job they’re applying for is actually something mothers do every day, for free. Oh and by the way, buy a Mother’s Day Card from Cardstore.com.

First of all, save a thought for the people who showed up for this interview. If you’re so desperate to get a job that you’ll answer an ad with a few crazy sounding requirements, you’re obviously pretty down on your luck. Imagine how you feel when you finally land a job interview, only to be pranked, and then made to feel guilty on camera about how you made life miserable for your mother as child. Yes! Weep! Weep you poor jobless mother’s-life ruining schmuck. Oh and by the way, you’re going viral. 

Additionally, the schmaltzy, overly preachy sentimentality is just too much too bear. Of course we know how important mothers are. We’ve seen enough commercials to tell our ignorant selves how we were hatched. Does this ad make me want to call my mother? No. it makes me angry for being emotionally manipulated.

I hate the swelling music, the montage of crying, smiling faces, and then the ultimate kicker, “send your mom a card” which is literally the cold, bare minimum thing people do when trying to maintain the semblance of a relationship with their mothers. I hate that it’s getting posted on Facebook from people, dedicated it to their mothers. Aww look mom! Here’s a commercial made by a card company that made me realize how horrible your life is.

I can’t stop this video from being a viral hit. But please spare me the accolades about how it’s a great campaign. Sentimentality is great when its used correctly. But here, it’s a tired, and almost slightly offensive gimmick.

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