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Here’s why Denny’s is the best brand on Tumblr

Denny’s Diner uses Tumblr for its official corporate blog, but there’s nothing official and corporate about it. In fact, Denny’s Tumblr is a combination of foodie pictures, bizarre, hilarious gifs, and fan submitted appreciation for the diner chain. And it has a massive following of its own.

First of all, the insane, but hilarious gifs: 

Check out the Halloween themed ones too: 

They even have Denny’s themed haikus.

Not to mention playful parodies of popular products (i.e. the new gold iPhone) 

There’s also tons of mouth-watering pictures of food. You’ll get hungry just scrolling down the page, a great way to take advantage of Tumblr’s focus on visuals. 

It also encourages fans to submit pictures, who’ll also get in on the fun with bizarre pictures of their own. 

But more than anything, the Denny’s Tumblr acts like any other regular, human Tumblr user, with real personality. It regularly has text with semi-philosophical ramblings about breakfast and answers followers’ questions, sometimes with plain old sarcasm and jokes. 

In short, Denny’s creates content that would be shared by just about anyone, not just brand advocates. And by making them so weird, random and funny, they’ve managed to break through the hostility most youthful environments have towards corporate interests. It’s become a trend to like Denny’s, which has embraced its kitschiness and ironic appeal among hipsters. Followers of the Tumblr feel like they’re all in on the joke together, which is key towards making your brand attractive and inspiring loyal, engaged followers, like this one:





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