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Here’s Why 360i’s Holiday Party Is Better Than Yours

Digital agency 360i had a really good year, becoming an overnight sensation in the digital marketing world with its “Superbowl blackout” tweet for Oreo. It extended that creativity and digital savvy to its recently held holiday party, by filming Vines of its dancing employees and putting them up on this site, titled Non-Stop Dance Spot.

The site lays out all the dancing employee Vines and rearranges the order every six seconds, basically making it a non-stop dance party that now lives on the internet.

It’s a fun, simple, but highly creative way to show off the energy and enthusiasm of the people in the agency. Plus, it’s just plain old uplifting to hear catchy music and people unafraid to look silly while dancing. 

Here are some of the dancing Vines featured on the site.

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