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Here’s how not to promote your TV show using Vine

You would think Vine would be the perfect social media platform to promote TV shows. Six second video clips could serve as great teasers, or be used to show moments from behind the scenes. However, Cinemax’s Vine campaign for its action series Banshee, doesn’t do any of those things, and instead has weird, isolated clips of actors speaking lines into the camera. The result is unsettling, and eventually it becomes unintentionally hilarious upon repeated viewings.

From what I understand, the show is about an ex-con who becomes the town sheriff, and has to deal with demons from his past. I suppose die hard fans of the show might get a kick out of watching the characters on Vine, but even then, the clips are neither here nor there. They’ve picked some of the flattest dialogue to showcase the actors, like this one below:

And in some cases, there’s no dialogue at all. Which is just plain boring.

And then, there’s too much dialogue, which they struggle to fit into the six second time limit.

The end result looks more than a little shoddy. There’s really only two kinds of videos that work on Vine, the really hilarious, or the really creative. Anything that takes itself too seriously tends to unintentionally fall into the former category. And on a social media platform known for hosting extremely creative content, Cinemax is going to have to try a little harder to put out the kind of content that would entice people to watch its shows.

(h/t to Mike Isaac at Re/Code)

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