Here’s how auto brands are getting tons of engagement on Tumblr

Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider Union Metrics says the auto industry is one of the few industries that really “gets” platform, and is driving tons of engagement on it.

According to Union Metrics,  1.8 million people participate in conversations about autos every month, and automotive content gets an average of 29 notes a post. This number goes up even more when its a post created by an auto brand itself, averaging nearly 60 notes per post.

Tumblr’s Marketr blog recently highlighted the auto conversations activity as an effective way brands can tap into the platforms niche communities: 

Each brand has a distinct community around it, but these communities share a passion for distinctive content. Brands can tap into this passion by creating unique, high-quality posts that recognize and celebrate the stuff that their fans are already talking about, and have already come to love.

For marketers looking to drive this kind of engagement on Tumblr, all they have to do is remember a few simple rules. 1) Find a community that your brand is naturally a part of. 2) Create visual content that matches the look and tone of the user content within that community.

Each brand brings its own unique content and character to its Tumblr presence. With Lincoln and Cadillac, the focus is much more on taking aesthetically pleasing, stunning shots of the cars against a beautiful backdrop.

With Cadillac especially, it’s a chance to tap into its vintage, retro history.

Not only do these shots look like regular, but high-quality user generated content, it inspires other car enthusiasts to take pictures of their own.

As for Lincoln, well it’s mostly just car porn.

On one hand there’s the beautiful aesthetic, on the other there’s the motorsports crowd. Jeep and Mazda are more suited to this segment, which focuses more on what the car does, instead of what it looks like. Here are the pictures people are putting up with the #Jeep and #Mazda hashtags:

Mazda and Jeep don’t even have official Tumblr pages, but if they did, they would each have a ready made community of enthusiasts who are generating all the brand promotion they need. With a little push from their own content, these brands could take it to the next level by engaging these fans and getting them to run revenue generating activities, such as discount campaigns or dealer announcements.

Tumblr might not yet have a direct link to generating revenue for brands through their content. But it’s an incredibly useful platform for discovering and engaging a loyal audience. 

For more tips on how to effectively market your brand on Tumblr, check out our comprehensive guide to social media marketing.

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