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Here are the top social media management tools being used by the Fortune 100

LeapSift recently conducted a study of all the tools being used by the Fortune 100 brands to manage their social media, in particular their Twitter presence.

Hootsuite emerged as a leader, with 36% of the Fortune 100 using it. The Salesforce-owned platforms ExactTarget, Radian6 and Buddy Media were all popular among the group, and so were up and comers Sprinklr and Spredfast, who are both started to gain in the social media management tools space, on the back of some significant acquisitions.

A large portion of companies developed their own proprietary software to manage social media, or adopted a niche player. It’ll be interesting to see how this report looks in a year’s time, as more and more social media management platforms consolidate and pick up the big enterprise customers.

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