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Here are 7 brands with Thanksgiving-themed Vine videos

Much like Halloween, Thanksgiving is another holiday that lends itself well to creative advertising, and these days, Vine video is the creative medium of choice.

Here are seven Vines from brands with a Thanksgiving theme, some good, some mediocre and some that’ll just make you scratch your head. Expect more to come out on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.


No other company has done more to turn Black Friday into shopping madness, although you’d barely believe that with this playful Vine that manages to combine elements of Christmas with the shopping holiday.

Farmer’s Insurance:

The insurance company went for the classic approach, with this tasteful stop-motion animation wishing everyone safe travels for the holiday.


The travel booking site already had plenty of Thanksgiving-travel themed activity on its social media pages, asking travelers to tweet pictures of airport lines, flight delays and other travel difficulties so that it could alert its followers. It also had this funny, slightly surreal Vine of it’s famous Gnome trying to keep travelers relaxed with whale noises.


The current reigning champion of real-time marketing, Oreo decided to tweet an idea for making a ‘dessert taco’ out of an Oreo cookie and leftovers.

The Vine also prompted this entertaining exchange with Taco Bell:


The sandwich chain told everyone to (not-surprisingly) eat its turkey sandwiches as a “pre-game” to Thanksgiving dinner.


The telecom spoofed the President’s annual pardoning of the Thanksgving turkey with this Vine, but the messaging in the tweet was a little unclear.

Boost Mobile

And finally, one that lands squarely in the “WTF” category of reactions. Twurk? Really Boost Mobile?

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