Heineken ‘serenades’ online crush

Our look at the most — and least engaging social media

Gone are the days of crooning to the object of one’s affection beneath a balcony window. For users who give Heineken access to their Facebook profiles, the brand’s highly original “Serenade” app allows them to craft personalized love songs, all set to a foot-tapping, finger-snapping 60s-era Bollywood track based on Heineken’s popular “The Date” television commercial.

After prompting users to choose a friend on Facebook and explain why they fancy their selection — choices run the gamut from “I like the color of your aura” to “You have a rich dad” — they decide what to do on a date, such as bowling, karaoke or ostrich-back riding.

The result is a campy, romping tune sung just for you by a lounge band fronted by British singer Paul “Kiss” Kissaun in a bow tie and dinner jacket created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and creative studio Perfect Fools. This fun app is available in 20 languages.

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