Hawk Search Widens its Global Reach

Hawk Search, a product of Thanx Media, has announced upgrades to its site search solution.The enterprise site search provider for more than 350 companies now supports over 30 languages.

“With recent revenue growth in areas like South America and APAC exceeding North America, our customers see the opportunity to expand their base,” says Marcel Munoz, Thanx Media’s chief technology officer. “A lot of focus is also on flexibility with responsive design and omnichannel approaches. We see the ability to provide a consistent site search and customer experience in multiple languages as an easy win.”

Hawk Search’s solution offers support for more than twice as many languages as other site search providers, according to the company. The multi-language feature—which offers such languages as Spanish, Mandarin, German, French, and Russian—can be implemented site-wide for a unified customer experience with search and browse functions.

The multi-language feature allows Hawk Search to do its thing on established international sites in addition to serving as a boon for online retailers looking to expand their regions.

“Our customers have been maturing and their reach has expanded to other countries,” Munoz says. “We push for a unified customer experience throughout search, navigation, and dynamic landing pages.  Supporting a host of languages allows that experience to be consistent regardless of region.”

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