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Hawaiian Airlines chooses Vesdia for loyalty boost

Hawaiian Airlines has debuted a revamped Hawaiian Miles frequent flyer program this week, through a partner­ship with Vesdia Corp.

Under the multiyear agreement, Ves­dia is responsible for the management and growth of the loyalty program.

The merchant-funded rewards pro­gram, Hawaiian Miles, allows members to earn frequent flier miles when they purchase goods and services with a branded debit or credit card. “We want consumers to be able to earn rewards faster and change their behavior to shop at participating merchants,” said Peter Davis, president of Vesdia. “[We also] want to demonstrate the volume of impressions to merchants that partici­pate and that these people will be more loyal because they participate.”

The partnership expands Hawaiian Airlines’ program to a wider network of national retailers and online shops. One feature of the network is an online shop­ping mall featuring The Home Depot, Target and other stores.

“From Hawaiian Airlines’ perspec­tive,” Vesdia continued, “we want to add value and create differentiation in the marketplace and get marketing exposure through co-marketing.”

A spokesperson from Hawaiian Air­lines confirmed the program launch, but would not comment further.

Vesdia’s programs track where people shop, what they buy and life events, using that information to target specific offers to these program members.

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