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Harte-Hanks names Thompson VP of digital

Harte-Hanks named Alan Thompson to the newly created role of VP for digital marketing and solutions this week. He reports to Jeannine Falcone, VP and corporate officer.

He is charged with overseeing digital offerings, as well as the integration of traditional services with digital, particularly Harte-Hanks’ Postfuture e-mail tool, he said.

“My goal is to add a number of premiere marketer brands to the Postfuture platform and to establish both Harte-Hanks and Postfuture as premiere service providers in the e-mail space, which we’ll measure based on inclusion in major RFPs,” Thompson said.

In addition to attracting clients, he will try to integrate other digital channels, such as mobile and social media, into Harte-Hanks’ offerings, he said.

Thompson previously worked as senior director of interactive marketing at the Allant Group and senior director of product marketing at CheetahMail.

Postfuture’s current clients are spread across sectors conducive to e-mail marketing, including retail, financial services and automotive, he said.

Thompson, whose appointment was effective January 18, said the size of his team has yet to be determined, given his brief tenure with the agency.

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