Harte-Hanks introduces Security and Surveillance System

Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, a provider of b-to-b lead generation and targeted marketing products, has added Surveillance Security System to its Ci Pipeline product, said Harte-Hanks’ Market Intelligence general manager Randy Ilas. 

The system adds surveillance capabilities to the Ci Pipeline product and provides marketing opportunities to vendor clients, Ilas said. “Technology vendors benefit from this information by being able to get to these prospects before their competition,” Ilas explained. 

Because Harte-Hanks tracks purchases and installations of its business solutions, including its Surveillance Security System, it can provide lists of the companies that installed its solutions to other technology vendors, who can use that information to generate sales leads. For instance, a company that sells video security software can use information on who has video cameras installed, as well as who plans to install them in order to identify prospects for their software.

“Harte-Hanks tracks business’ technology installation and purchase intentions for 67 technologies including Security Surveillance,” Ilas added, “and our clients use this information to identify sales opportunities for their products and services.”

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