Harte-Hanks Gains Resellers in Beijing, Taiwan

The Harte-Hanks Trillium Software division, Billerica, MA, said yesterday that it has formed alliances with Queensway Information Technologies, a systems integration firm in Beijing, and Muse Technology, a data warehousing, CRM analytics and business intelligence firm in Taipei.

Queensway will distribute the Trillium Software System throughout mainland China. Muse will distribute it to the Taiwan marketplace.

“Using the Trillium Software System, our clients, who represent a broad spectrum of Chinese businesses, will have a robust way to update, match, cleanse and manage the quite complex double-byte character sets of Chinese,” said Vitus Chan, managing director, Queensway Information Technologies.

Holden Lien, CEO of Muse Technology, said the company is offering the Trillium Software System to its customers because “it allows customers to update, match, cleanse and manage their customer information and ensure data is clean from the onset.”

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