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Harte-Hanks Debuts Customer Database Solution

Harte-Hanks Inc., a customer relationship management solutions provider, yesterday announced the availability of Harte-Hanks Allink Transact, an open, relational database solution that integrates disparate customer data in real time to drive operational CRM needs.

Allink Transact lets users update databases on demand and gives a consolidated customer view across the enterprise, no matter the sources of the data — Web sites, contact centers, kiosks, wireless applications or survey responses, Harte-Hanks said. It also provides easy access and transaction processing via the Web, as well as Web-based reporting and analysis, and the ability to link operational systems to the marketing database in order to leverage customer data across the organization.

It includes the data quality and data matching capabilities of the Harte-Hanks Trillium Software System, other leading data management services of Harte-Hanks and business intelligence reporting and analysis solutions developed by Cognos, a business intelligence vendor.

“At Amtrak, we had numerous data sources but really needed a single customer database to which we could direct tailor-made communications about special savings, based on an individual's travel profile,” said George Raed, vice president, market research and pricing, Amtrak, which beta-tested the solution. “By using Allink Transact as our foundation, we were able to improve the quality of our data and develop an integrated view of our customers and their rail travel history. We are able to leverage this information to support our marketing programs and to enhance our market research capabilities.”

Since developing the solution in 2000-01, Harte-Hanks hosts Allink Transact for clients, primarily in pharmaceutical, insurance, travel and automotive, to serve as a central repository of data captured from call/contact center applications, Web sites, fulfillment operations and other operational software applications.

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