Harte-Hanks Debuts CRM Database, Tool

Harte-Hanks Inc. yesterday announced the availability of a new market intelligence database that provides snapshots of CRM-related program scopes, technology platforms, budgets and other pertinent data at 580 companies.

The database will give technology marketers and service providers detailed information on planned and current implementations of customer relationship management programs across a spectrum of U.S. businesses, according to San Antonio-based Harte-Hanks.

The new CRM database is a component of the Harte-Hanks CI Technology Database, a comprehensive information source of planned and installed technology at the 400,000 business sites in 25 countries that are doing two-thirds of today's information technology spending. The CRM database is available separately as well.

“This type of CRM detail … will give companies selling into the CRM space tremendous insight into how companies are deploying CRM today and tell them exactly where their opportunity is and who they should be talking to,” said Gary Skidmore, president of CRM, Harte-Hanks. “Billions of dollars are earmarked for CRM programs each year. Our intelligence gives insight as to how a significant portion of these resources will be spent.”

The Harte-Hanks database research, done by telephone in May and June and which will be updated periodically, has identified specific sales opportunities among the 580 companies profiled, such as:

— 380 companies use or plan to use a commercially available software product to develop their CRM implementation.

— 260 companies have CRM development budgets for 2001 that total more than $50,000 each.

— 230 companies are planning or installing CRM implementations that will provide customer data access to more than 100 people.

Harte-Hanks yesterday also announced a new marketing tool called Retail Daily Sales Builder, which lets retail marketers leverage transaction data for prompt marketing communications in numerous media with a minimal commitment of internal resources.

Retail Daily Sales Builder, an outsourced service, is powered by proprietary software called Allink Agent, which has been employed already for Harte-Hanks customers in several retail and financial service environments.

In addition, Harte-Hanks bundles the services of its analytics professionals within Retail Daily Sales Builder. This helps clients write the business rules that drive one-to-one communications and examine the back-end performance to adjust campaigns accordingly. Using the analytical resources at Harte-Hanks, Retail Daily Sales Builder next identifies and reports on program response daily and weekly and adjusts business rules accordingly.

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