Harte-Hanks Debuts Allink Daily Deposit Builder

Harte-Hanks Inc. yesterday announced the availability of Allink Daily Deposit Builder, its newest customer relationship management service for the financial community.

Allink Daily Deposit Builder is designed to decrease attrition of customer accounts and increase cross-selling for other lines of business offered by a financial marketer. It analyzes and flags significant and uncharacteristic customer transactions each night or in real time so bankers can respond immediately to retain and grow balances.

The product sparked deposit growth greater than 10 percent over control groups at several Harte-Hanks banking clients, said Gary Skidmore, president of CRM at Harte-Hanks, Billerica, MA.

Allink Daily Deposit Builder is powered by Harte-Hanks Allink Agent, which gives organizations a consolidated view of the customer, and comes bundled with the analytical and marketing services of Harte-Hanks. Daily Deposit Builder delivers one-to-one communications using any media channel, including permission e-mail, direct mail and outbound calls. It can be delivered as an installed or outsourced solution.

In other Harte-Hanks news announced yesterday:

• The Trillium Software division said it is continuing expansion into the Pacific Rim, signing two new international resellers to its Global Technology Alliance Initiative. The resellers, Asian Pacific Technology LTD of Hong Kong and 6th Generation Software of Singapore, agreed to distribute the Trillium Software system in their respective regions and in China.

• Recently completed research from Harte-Hanks' market intelligence team found that three of five companies involved in e-business expect their development budgets to increase in 2002. Harte-Hanks' E-Business Database reports that 58 percent of the 2,400 U.S. companies surveyed indicated their e-business development budgets increased in 2001.

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