Harrah’s makes loyalty mobile

Casino operator Harrah’s Operating Company Inc. is testing a new mobile-based loyalty program from bCode. Inter­nally, the program is known as “T.I.P.” for “Texting Important People.”

T.I.P., in test mode at Harrah’s Atlantic City, Harrah’s New Orleans and Show­boat Atlantic City, is an opt-in program that allows guests of Harrah’s casinos to receive special offers from the com­pany via text message. The personalized offers, which include coupons, discounts and complimentary services, can then be redeemed at Harrah’s properties.

“In recent years, we’ve… added new amenities that appeal to a younger cli­entele,” explained Jennifer Weissman, regional VP of marketing for Atlantic City Operations at Harrah’s. “Mobile is a great way for us to keep in contact with [that younger target].”

In Atlantic City, Weissman said, the target is 21- to 35-year-olds looking for an experience that includes food, nightlife and other entertainment. Signs and other messaging throughout the test facilities, usually located near these youth-focused amenities, encourage visitors to opt in.

“Harrah’s is a very innovative company and is always looking for better and more efficient ways to communicate to its cus­tomer base,” noted Art Wagner, CMO of bCode. “They saw they could deliver offers in real time, make them location-based and time-based and make specific offers to specific people based on behav­iors and participation.”

Added Katrina Lane, VP of channel marketing for Harrah’s Entertainment, “We’re very much looking to tailor the program and make it easy for customers to join those things they are interested in.”

BCode’s loyalty program is integrated with Harrah’s CRM platform, which allows the company to measure and react to customers’ responses in real-time.

The approach follows Harrah’s long-term strategy of focusing on customer loyalty and aggressively leveraging cus­tomer data for a variety of programs. The company’s Total Rewards loyalty club currently includes 40 million members.

Two more US Harrah’s properties are slated to begin the pilot program before the end of the year. If successful, T.I.P. may eventually expand internationally.

“This is one of a number of pilots that we are doing or planning,” Lane said.

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