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Hanover Direct Picks AT&T for Telecom Services

AT&T will provide an integrated networking solution to Hanover Direct in a two-year, $2 million contract to link 14 locations including contact centers in Hanover, PA, and La Crosse, WI, AT&T announced yesterday.

Hanover Direct will deploy AT&T's wide-area network solution to support its Internet retailing capabilities, including high-speed Internet connectivity and applications including order entry, fulfillment and customer service. AT&T also will provide data and voice services including local, long-distance, teleconference and Business Internet Access services. In addition, AT&T will house servers for Hanover Direct retail Web sites at its Internet Data Center in Ashburn, VA.

Hanover Direct is a cataloger and Web retailer of home fashions, apparel and gift brands including International Male and Silhouettes. It also provides business-to-business services including distribution, logistics, telemarketing and e-care fulfillment operations.

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