Hampton University to use Intelliworks CRM software

Intelliworks, a company specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) services for higher education, is now servicing Hampton University in an effort to improve communication business processes within its admissions and marketing offices.

“Intelliworks CRM will automate business processes for the admissions and marketing offices at Hampton University,” said Todd Gibby, CEO of Intelliworks. “The solution will also streamline workflow for Hampton by increasing online communication and maintaining a single data record for each constituent. Hampton will have the ability to stay on top of data trends through dashboard based reporting and analytics.”

Hampton University, in Hampton, VA., was looking for a solution that would help it improve and streamline communication with students at every stage in their lifecycle – from prospect to student to alumni.

Intelliworks CRM will allow Hampton to identify, track and respond to inbound inquiries from prospective recruits.

The school will now be able to communicate effectively with current students and alumni about school programs, events and future plans.

“Intelliworks software will also allow these departments to access one record for each student which will contain all contact information across multiple departments,” Gibby said.

Intelliworks’ marketing capabilities allow schools and universities to segment and personalize messaging to assist in recruiting targeted students, as well as meet objectives concerning territory and diversity goals.

The software automates distributing invitations to recruiting, career and alumni events through Web-enabled event management and registration tools designed specifically for higher education. In addition, when an applicant submits an application, Hampton would be able to set up automatic internal notifications, as well as outreach directly to prospects with financial aid information.

The solution also will reduce the amount of paper-based communication, as well as track all communication between the institution and its constituents in one location.

“Hampton University’s diversity creates the need for increased communication efficiency with potential recruits, current students, and active alumni – the school offers degree programs to more than 5,700 students from 49 states and 35 territories and nations,” Gibby said.

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