Halle Designs Begins ‘Bomb’ Campaign

Halle Designs last week launched a promotional campaign, in which the print communication design agency almost literally targets marketing and communications companies.

The company, which specializes in consumer, corporate, business-to-business and institutional marketing, is sending desk clocks that resemble time bombs to marketing and communications directors. A warning on the plain brown package says, “One bomb that won’t blow up on your desk.”

The clocks — with sticks of dynamite attached to their backs and a yellow ignition coil — look like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

The campaign, which runs until September, promotes Halle Designs' ability to offer timely solutions to communication problems.

The campaign also promotes the company’s redesigned Web site offering its Quick Quote online quotation service and cost savings of up to 40 percent on high-end printing and promotional design services for U.S. clients.

The agency also is running a “Breakthrough 2000” promotion, which gives companies five hours of free design services on any project taken to completion.

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