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Hackathon: Zoosk’s heartfelt effort proves popular

Dating social network Zoosk wanted to build awareness of its Heart Friend puppet, which was a YouTube hit.

Its goal was to build relationships with reporters through a
Valentine’s Day video campaign. Zoosk’s PR agency, Shift Communications,
researched 25 reporters, discovering personal details such as a love of
Game of Thrones or avocados, and wrote scripts for each person. 

Zoosk, Shift, and ad agency Camp + King produced the clips, narrated
by Zoosk’s fluffy heart. They were tweeted and emailed to reporters at
titles including Mashable, Reuters, Wired, and Fortune, directly from Zoosk’s CEO.

The campaign received coverage on the San Francisco Egotist blog and positive feedback from reporters. For example, Fast Company‘s Austin Carr tweeted: “Props to Zoosk for sending personalized video messages. Impressed they know I’m an avocado expert.”

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