Grubhub Takes Temperature of Its Customers’ Politics

In a simple, but brilliant maneuver, Grubhub (and Seamless) encouraged its audience to affix their political affiliation to their deliver order during the Presidential Debate.

Through emails and social media, Grubhub promoted the 5%-off coupon codes #IMWITHHER and #IMWITHHIM to encourage people to order delivery. Of course, the secondary aspect of such a campaign means they would have some data to send to journalists like this one.

Grubhub declined to give a specific number of deliveries, but a spokesperson said that the codes were used tens of thousands of times. What did Grubhub find out?

“IMWITHHER” was used in 82% of orders; “IMWITHHIM” was used by 18%. 

Given that Grubhub is more popular in urban areas and Clinton is as well, this is not a surprise. 


  • New York: 85% IMWITHHER, 15% IMWITHHIM
  • California: 82% IMWITHHER, 18% IMWITHHIM
  • Illinois: 81% IMWITHHER, 19% IMWITHHIM
  • Pennsylvania: 80% IMWITHHER, 20% IMWITHHIM
  • New Jersey: 74% IMWITHHER, 26% IMWITHHIM
  • Massachusetts: 82% IMWITHHER, 18% IMWITHHIM
  • Washington D.C.: 88% IMWITHHER, 12% IMWITHHIM
  • Colorado: 74% IMWITHHER, 26% IMWITHHIM
  • Virginia: 78% IMWITHHER, 22% IMWITHHIM
  • Maryland: 78% IMWITHHER, 22% IMWITHHIM


  • Florida: 67% IMWITHHER, 33% IMWITHHIM
  • Michigan: 69% IMWITHHER, 31% IMWITHHIM
  • Nevada: 67% IMWITHHER, 33% IMWITHHIM
  • Wisconsin: 78% IMWITHHER, 22% IMWITHHIM
  • Ohio: 77% IMWITHHER, 23% IMWITHHIM

Clinton supporters over-indexed on Indian, Trump supports more frequently ordered Chinese, American, and Italian foods. 

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