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Group 1 Upgrades Canadian Presort Software

Group 1 Software announced the availability yesterday of SortStream Canada version 2.4.1, a presort and barcode recognition solution that is fully recognized by Canada Post Corp. through its Software Evaluation and Recognition Program.

SERP evaluates software packages for their ability to validate and/or validate and correct mailing lists to Canada Post requirements.

Customers who use Incentive Lettermail, Addressed Admail and/or Publications Mail must meet the Address Accuracy Program requirements. Customers can obtain a Statement of Accuracy by comparing their database to Canada Post's address data.

The latest version of SortStream Canada lets mailers accurately presort their mail and add barcodes to their Letter Carrier Presort mailing containers according to Canada Post presort specifications. The software will help companies achieve presort discounts, increase mailing efficiencies and expedite delivery of mail through the Canadian postal system, said Group 1, a Pitney Bowes company, Lanham, MD.

SortStream Canada presort and barcode recognition software is available on all mainframe and workstation platforms. The barcode recognition feature comes standard with the new version and supports all file structures based on SERP.

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