Group 1 Software Acquires Digital Billing Provider TriSense

Group 1 Software has acquired the assets of TriSense Software Ltd., a Minneapolis-based provider of digital billing and payment software, for $8.1 million, Group 1 said yesterday.

The acquisition means that Group 1's DOC1 product suite will provide one of the only fully integrated systems for digital and paper composition and multichannel delivery of personalized customer relationship communications, according to Group 1, Lanham, MD.

DOC1 is a software composition tool for customer bills, statements and letters and is used by organizations such as American Express, Qwest, Charles Schwab and ADP.

TriSense's patented technology, on the other hand, offers secure bill delivery three ways: to a corporate or hosted Web site; to third-party consumer service portals such as Excite and America Online; and to a consumer's desktop via e-mail.

These new features will allow DOC1 users to collect and process online payments while avoiding the resource use and costs associated with developing and maintaining a stand-alone digital delivery and payment application.

“Electronic billing presentment and payment makes little sense as a function disconnected from other forms of customer communication,” said David Yockelson, senior vice president and director at META Group. “Combining the ability to create personalized correspondence such as statements, invoices and letters with a robust electronic delivery mechanism will provide a more holistic solution and potentially reduced total cost of ownership for customers.”

Group 1 anticipates releasing a fully integrated DOC1-TriSense solution by this summer.

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