Group 1 Releases CODE-1 Plus International 1.5

Group 1 Software yesterday released CODE-1 Plus International 1.5, the latest version of the data quality vendor's international address validation solution.

CODE-1 Plus International uses postal address files obtained directly from postal administrations worldwide to validate, correct and format customer addresses for more than 220 countries. For enhanced customer relationship management efforts, CODE-1 Plus International optimizes the data quality of sales force automation, customer service and support, order entry and call center systems.

The new version of CODE-1 Plus International has enhanced client-server capabilities, making it easier to integrate into both batch and online CRM systems.

“In recognition of the substantial and growing interest in international direct marketing, we've made it far easier for businesses to conduct international direct marketing campaigns,” said Charles Bouton, CODE-1 Plus International product management director at Group 1, Lanham, MD. “With CODE-1 Plus International, data quality concerns are no longer an impediment to effective target marketing worldwide.”

CODE-1 Plus International provides detailed return codes and statistical reports to gather added insight about customer and prospect address data. For more effective target marketing and improved deliverability, the product returns address data in the specific format and casing used in a given country, as well as country-specific gender codes and special characters.

CODE-1 Plus International can accept address data in the range of styles common throughout the world and can parse that data into its main components, which facilitates data quality initiatives such as cleansing and merging duplicate name and address data.

According to Group 1, many U.S. businesses have been reluctant to conduct international direct marketing campaigns because of the historically poor quality of international address data and the complexity of dealing with such data.

“CODE-1 Plus International verifies address data for more countries worldwide than any other product available today,” said Pat Ropp, executive vice president at Membership Management Inc., a company that uses the solution. “It is of the utmost importance to our clients that we can ensure the accuracy and proper formatting of address data on a global basis. A flexible, easy-to-use solution, CODE-1 Plus International helps us meet this mission-critical business need.”

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