Group 1 Enhances HotData Online Data Quality Solution

Group 1 Software, Lanham, MD, a customer relationship management software vendor, announced the latest version yesterday of its HotData hosted data quality service.

HotData verifies, corrects and formats addresses for more than 220 countries and dependencies. It also provides enriched business and geographic profiles and offers change of address and area code updating.

HotData now incorporates all of Group 1's data quality and enrichment technology for Web-based cleansing and updating of customer data in CRM applications and databases, the company said. The newest additions to the database component of HotData include international address verification, geographic intelligence and tax jurisdiction assignment.

For users of HotData's database component, the new “smart reconcile” feature returns up to 10 possible matches when matching business records. The returned data includes a score indicating the degree to which the information matches the external global business database. Businesses using HotData for real-time data quality have added security capabilities through the incorporation of RSA Security's industry-standard encryption technology. Additionally, real-time users now have the flexibility to send requests to HotData in several programming languages, including C++, Java, Com and XML.

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