Grey Healthcare President Focuses on Branding, Loyalty

As the new president of Grey Healthcare Group, Jane Parker is hoping to help transfer the branding, loyalty and relationship marketing techniques used in consumer product marketing to the pharmaceutical industry.

“There are a lot of aspects of marketing programs designed to enhance brand loyalty that have been used for quite some time in the consumer products industry,” said Parker, who has 18 years of experience in healthcare consumer products marketing with companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Colgate-Palmolive Co. “We are taking the strengths there and applying them to pharmaceuticals.”

The agency is employing several relationship techniques to better the connection between pharmaceutical companies and their customers, including using software of MicroMass Corp., Raleigh, NC, that matches demographic and psychographic data against content databases of text and graphics.

“It’s about one-on-one communications, preparation, asking the appropriate questions in the acquisition phase, understanding how to use the information and a philosophy about developing a brand,” she said. “Understanding the end user and the end-end user is key. That means understanding people who don’t take the medicine, people who don’t take the medicine properly and people who take a variety of different brands.”

Developing solid relationships with patients and physicians not only benefits products currently on the market but serves to create a strong corporate image that aids pharmaceutical companies in launching future products, she said.

Because many of the agency’s clients are large corporations, Parker said, the marketing techniques the agency is employing are not only being intensified domestically but oversees.

“The whole nature of relationship work is global as well and can work in many countries,” she said.

Parker is among the newer additions to intense branding and loyalty efforts that the agency has been undertaking under the leadership of Grey Healthcare CEO Lynn O’Connor Vos.

“We’ve been listening to clients on what we need to partner with them on for some time and we’ve found global marketing and relationship marketing are very important as well as premarket conditioning,” Parker said. “Lynn Vos was looking for experienced people who could help bring it up to the next level.”

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