Grey Direct Offers Space to Clients

In just one instance of New York companies responding to the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attacks, Grey Direct will offer a large, undisclosed financial services client that lost its space in the downed towers the temporary use of its office.

The New York agency occupies 100,000 square feet on 11 W. 42nd St., prime midtown area. About 250 employees work in that office, but Grey Direct CEO Larry Kimmel said there is room for this financial services client if it is willing to consider the offer.

“We have extended the use of some of our offices to our clients who have been adversely affected by these events,” he said.

And for its staffers traumatized by the attacks, Grey Direct is offering personal assistance and counseling.

Interactive shop has a similar counseling initiative. Its office is in 20 Exchange Place, about eight blocks from the World Trade Center. Nearly 300 employees, including those from its i-traffic subsidiary, work there.

“Certainly when the buildings collapsed, our building was engulfed in ash,” said Melissa Holden, director of communications at

It not only is offering employee counseling but also has created a password-protected site. The site offers updates from the CEO about work schedules and places to report. While some employees are working from home, others have moved to owner Omnicom Group's Park Avenue South offices in New York.

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