Greco Touts His 3Rs in Speech

WHITE PLAINS, NY – Relevance, response and results was the theme of an address given by Direct Marketing Association president/CEO John A. Greco Jr. yesterday.

Mr. Greco debuted the concept in October at DMA05 in Atlanta. He reiterated the theme for a packed room of attendees during a luncheon session at the 2006 Direct Media Client Conference and Co-op here yesterday.

“Traditional mass media is fragmenting rapidly across new digital channels scattering target audiences far and wide,” Mr. Greco said. “At the same time, there’s a distinct and growing demand in the executive suite for accountability of marketing spending across the entire marketing communications mix. Multichannel direct marketing is stepping forward to meet that demand with direct marketing’s traditional strengths – targeting good prospects, testing and tracking effectiveness, generating immediate, measurable results, and building lasting personal connections with customers.”

As a result of that media fragmentation, Mr. Greco indicated that all marketing is becoming direct marketing.

However, while marketers have more direct channels than ever before to reach consumers, those consumers also have more power than ever.

“Technology has provided unprecedented choices for people to connect with information they want,” he said. “New technology has also given buyers increasing control over the way they connect with marketers, and the type of interaction they’re willing to have with them.”

That’s where relevance, response and results come in.

“Relevance is marketing gold,” Mr. Greco said. “Direct marketing achieves relevance by using data creatively, by being responsive to change, by integrating offers, and by tracking responses across a broad mix of channels.”

Responsibility means giving consumers choices, honoring their preferences, addressing concerns and keeping data safe, according to Mr. Greco who then mentioned that if data is not protected legislation will results.

Mr. Greco also alluded to six identity theft and data security bills moving through Congress but said he doubted any would pass this session.

Response is obviously what all direct marketers are after and Mr. Greco said that, “Creating good value for customers is the art of marketing and creating good results for both the buyer and the seller is the third component of the power of direct marketing.”

The co-op wrapped up yesterday at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel and Conference Center.

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