Great Expectations

Every December for more years than I care to admit I’ve looked back at what happened in the industry and said, “Wow, that was an exciting year. So much new, so much buzz. Next year will probably be quieter.” But it never is. In fact, I’ve finally stopped with the pronouncement, because each year the people and companies in our vibrant industry bring new strategies and technologies—and with them new challenges and opportunities.

Indeed, marketing is a living, thriving creature, ever-evolving due to a community of dedicated, persistent, creative, and entrepreneurial people who are never satisfied with the status quo. Continually looking for the new best marketing tool or approach, as well as the best ways to optimize current strategies, these marketing leaders are committed to ever-improving the customer experience, marketing performance, and company revenue.

Admittedly, that ambitiousness can lead to shiny-object syndrome. But in many cases it leads to experimentation and innovation—and to change that moves the marketing industry forward.

The 2012 Direct Marketing News 40 Under 40 winners exemplify these audacious marketing leaders. These individuals take risks, challenge the status quo, and tenaciously look for new ways to profitably improve results for their company and customers. Their approaches to marketing are sure to keep this ever-changing industry fresh and flourishing.

Finding the courage to do bold, innovative work

In DMN’s inaugural Caples Courageous Creative Summit on December 6 in New York, creative leaders will come together for one day to share their secrets about what it takes to do what others wouldn’t dare to do.

Sessions will include:

Case Histories of Being Courageous
Three award-winning creative leaders who took the bold risks necessary to innovate will share the stories behind the stories.

No Guts. No Glory: A client’s perspective on breaking the rules
A leading brand marketer will talk about why it’s important for clients to be fearless every now and again.

It Takes a Village to Be Courageous
An integrated agency team will examine the power of partnership in getting an uncomfortable idea out the door and into the marketplace.

Agile Creativity
Google’s Torrence Boone, Caples’ 2012 Honorary Chair, will reveal how agile creativity leads to better ideas that break the mold.

Only the Brave Win
This panel discussion will examine what it takes to create a successful, cohesive multichannel marketing campaign that balances risk taking and results.

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