GraficaGroup Launches Animated E-Mail With Quiz

Interactive marketing agency GraficaGroup Co. has introduced an animated e-mail campaign using a quiz show the company hopes will serve two purposes — to promote the release of its campaign tracking and reporting service, nTracking, and to educate clients about the ins and outs of tracking e-mail campaigns.

The e-mail's quiz consists of five multiple-choice questions. Participants answering correctly are awarded 50 points for each question, which get progressively harder. The first question is “What is a Hit”? Answers include: “Copacobana” by Barry Manilow; Something Tony Soprano puts on someone; A visitor to a Web site; and A server request for a file.

The answer is a server request for a file. Many people confuse the term 'hit' to mean a visitor to a Web site. However, each graphic on a Web page generates a server request and, therefore, a hit. As a result, one Web page can generate any number of hits, rendering the term useless as a measure of a site's traffic.

GraficaGroup sent the quiz to a limited client list. The initial broadcast went to 2,000 to 3,000 clients. The company plans another broadcast to separate lists of 10,000 to 15,000 names.

“We thought using a game show/test format would be a neat way to show targets how much they know (or don't know) about tracking the success or failure of an interactive e-mail campaign,” said Mark Devaney, a spokesman for the company.

The company found that many clients were not as up on the latest tracking techniques as they should have been, said Jim Hathaway, GraficaGroup's director of business development. While everyone knows to track click throughs, much data from campaigns go unrecorded, he said.

“People are not as far up on the curve of e-mail marketing as they should be,” Hathaway said. “It was pretty surprising, frankly, the amount of data they were not capturing. It's more across the board than we expected.”

GraficaGroup hopes its nTracking service goes a long way to remedying that situation.

NTracking is part of GraphicaGroup's so-called n-2-END Marketing Solutions service, which offers marketers list building, distribution, development and tracking capabilities. NTracking features audience segmentation, cell testing, data mining and integration, and customized reporting at the individual and campaign level.

“One of the innate abilities of online and e-mail is tracking,” Hathaway said. “We're trying to deepen people's understanding.”

The nTracking campaign will run three to four weeks, Hathaway said, as GraficaGroup sends a number of broadcasts to test multiple subject lines.

“We're applying traditional marketing techniques to e-mail,” he said. “E-mail lends itself more to direct marketing. But people are just tracking click throughs. There's much more to it than that.”

Hathaway noted that many clients, particularly advertising agencies, still consider e-mail to be a one-shot marketing technique rather than an extended campaign strategy.

“People who deal with advertising tend to see it as a one-shot approach,” he said. “But they should be looking at it as just another channel in the mix.”

GraphicaGroup, Chester, NJ, consists of three agencies, Grafica Advertising Inc., Grafica Inter.Active Ltd. and Grafica e.CRM Corp. Clients include AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Household Insurance, Morgan Stanley and Coldwell Banker Commercial.

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