GQ partners with Nordstrom’s e-commerce site

Nordstrom, Inc. and men’s lifestyle magazine GQ are partnering to integrate GQ editorial content into Nordstrom’s e-commerce site over a six-month period, said Pamela Lopez, Nordstrom’s fashion PR director.

The new shopping section of the site will be called “GQ Selects” and is scheduled for release in July on, Lopez said the mid-summer month was chosen for the launch because “July is when pre-fall merchandise hits stores.”

Nordstrom will be promoting the collaboration on both its Twitter and Facebook channels, Lopez said. The items will also be available for viewing on

“Nordstrom has ongoing partnerships with several magazines,” Lopez said, citing advertising relationships including, but not limited, to Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Vanity Fair and W. Partnering with a retailer is not new territory for GQ either, who in June 2011 partnered with men’s retail site Park & Bond, a subsidiary of online shopping boutique Gilt Groupe, Inc. to host an e-commerce store on Park & Bond’s website that featured a GQ editor’s picks.

GQ isn’t the only consumer magazine that has taken part in e-commerce endeavors. In April, Elle magazine launched an e-commerce initiative on Facebook. 

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