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Gov. Ventura Meets Today With Federated Execs on Fingerhut

Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is to discuss Fingerhut's future with Federated Department Stores executives today, according to a report.

The state's economic development commissioner, Rebecca Yanisch, briefed Ventura on Monday regarding Federated's plan to sell catalog retailer Fingerhut.

Also, state government specialists in unemployment benefits, job searches and dislocated-worker services met with Fingerhut employees in Eveleth, MN, where the company runs a call center with 350 workers.

Leaders of career-retraining programs in St. Cloud, MN, where Fingerhut employs 2,700 at a distribution center, are preparing to testify today before Minnesota legislative committees that fund the state's dislocated-workers program. If a sale does not occur and Fingerhut is closed, employees may become eligible for money from the program.

Four potential buyers have been identified.

According to the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, a potential buyer group led by Peter Lytle of the Business Development Group, Wayzata, MN, met Monday with state attorney general Mike Hatch and a representative of Ventura's office. Neither Lytle or Hatch would comment on the specifics of the discussions.

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