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GoTo.com Gets Injunction Against Disney

A U.S. District Court this week denied a request from Walt Disney Co. and Infoseek Corp., the search engine underlying Disney’s Go.com Web portal, for a stay of a preliminary injunction obtained by GoTo.com Inc., Pasadena, CA.

Earlier this month, Judge Terry Hatter ordered media titan Disney, Burbank, CA, to stop using its Go.com design mark, which search engine GoTo.com said was confusingly similar to its own. The injunction prohibits Disney “from using GoTo’s design mark or any confusingly similar variation thereof.” The injunction is in effect until a full trial, anticipated next spring.

Both companies’ logos consisted of a green circle in a yellow square with the sites’ respective names in white lettering. Disney began using the Go.com logo two years after GoTo.com initiated its own. At press time, the Disney site was using an austere white box with “GO.com” in green letters.

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