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Google-Mini Debuts in Australia, New Zealand

Google enters the Australian and New Zealand markets, offering Google Search Appliance and Google Mini in both countries.

Local businesses and organizations can use Google’s search technology to search across internal content like company intranet, databases, business applications and public Web sites.

“What we are trying to do here is expand internationally and increase the reach of Google products,” said Rajen Sheth, product manager for Google Enterprise, Mountain View, CA. “There is a high demand in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

A key feature of Google Search Appliance is Google OneBox for Enterprise. The user company’s employees can access real-time information from enterprise sources like CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems.

Google claims its Google Search Appliance can index millions of documents. Only users can search information that they have permission to view.

ChannelWorx, a product distributor based in Sydney will distribute the Google products. BearingPoint also has partnered with Google to launch a search solutions’ practice for enterprises in the region.

Mr. Sheth said it is hard to estimate the size of the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“We want to continue to expand by taking Google technology and bringing it to the enterprise,” Mr. Sheth said.

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