Google teams up with and Google have formed an alliance to help businesses leverage the Internet to achieve success.

The two companies have launched the Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords. It combines the power of Salesforce on-demand CRM applications with the Google AdWords platform. will be the first on-demand company to resell the Google AdWords platform. It will also act as an official distribution channel for the Google AdWords product. The alliance spans 43 countries and encompasses distribution, technology and co-marketing efforts.

Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords will help companies acquire new customers and grow their business. It aids companies in advertising, creating leads, closing business and retaining customers.

The companies said in a statement that their common belief in corporate philanthropy brought them together. In July of 2000, launched the Foundation, which operates under the company’s innovative “1/1/1 Model”: a commitment to deliver 1 percent time, 1 percent equity and 1 percent product to nonprofit organizations and, most recently, to be “one” with the earth.

Since its launch, the Foundation has donated their product to more than 2,000 nonprofits.

Google has also given free online advertising to selected nonprofits through its Google Grants program, supporting more than 2,500 nonprofit organizations in 16 countries to date.

The Foundation and Google are now teaming up to donate the new Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords to each other’s nonprofit grantees. These selected nonprofits will be able to gain access to the same integrated sales and marketing success that is available to the private sector at no cost.

Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords will also be made available to additional nonprofits within the next quarter.

Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords is available in a five-user edition for a special 30-day promotional price of $600 a year, including a $50 AdWords credit.

The $50 AdWords promotional credit is available to new AdWords advertisers in the United States, Canada and Mexico only. The list price of the solution is $1,200 a year. AppExchange applications may require an additional fee.

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