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Google revamps its integrated ad platform

Google unveiled on June 5 what it called the “biggest ever overhaul” of its DoubleClick ad platform, a tool that aims to enable marketers and agencies to more easily manage their ad campaigns across a variety of channels, including mobile, video, display and search.

The features to the DoubleClick platform now include an upgraded ad server, which allows global marketers to directly manage purchased ad space; a “faster and more flexible” bid management platform; the DoubleClick search platform to manage search campaigns; a tool to create rich media ads; and integration with Google Analytics.

The announcement was made at the annual DoubleClick Insights Conference, a virtual event attended by Google executives and top Google clients, including The Weather Channel, Coca-Cola and the National Geographic Society.

A Google spokesperson told Direct Marketing News that the changes to DoubleClick were “something our partners asked us for repeatedly.”

The company plans to roll the platform out to its partners in the coming months, Google said in a statement.

According to Google’s VP of display advertising Neal Mohan, who moderated the DoubleClick event, Google embarked on the revamp in order to provide “even deeper insights and more trends across the entire industry.”

DoubleClick — essentially a tool to streamline digital marketing efforts — aims to integrate the process of creating and tracking campaigns by enabling tailored messaging and an easy analysis of real time results. The entire system is bolstered by Google Analytics to allow backend tracking and the ability to report onsite traffic while incorporating that information into specific ad campaigns.

“This is not about adding a new system to the digital mix, this is about upgrading the platforms marketers are already using and making them work better together,” said a Google spokesperson.

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