Google reinstates e-mail marketing firm IncrediMail

Google has reinstated IncrediMail as an AdSense customer, after banning the e-mail marketing firm from using AdSense on January 9.

Google had disabled IncrediMail ads on search results pages displayed through IncrediMail’s account, and disabled their AdSense account, which was reportedly harmful for the firm. IncrediMail owes a significant amount of its search revenues to the Google AdSense in 2006 and 2007, it said. But Google and IncrediMail are now cooperating with the goal of resolving any remaining compliance issues.

“We are pleased to be able to resolve this set-back so quickly and in such a positive way,” said Yaron Adler, CEO of IncrediMail in a statement. “Google’s cooperation in reinstating our account, together with the feedback we’ve received from other search engine companies, makes us more optimistic than ever regarding the potential of the search business to drive our results, validating our long-term growth strategies.”

IncrediMail did not disclose why Google dropped them or if fraudulent clicks were the reason that Google disabled IncrediMail’s account.

While IncrediMail anticipates negative results from this ban for the first quarter of 2008, it hopes that search-generated revenues will continue to be a significant driver of its results in the future. 

“As a matter of policy, we do not share information about specific customer accounts,” said Aaron Zamost, a spokesman for Google via e-mail. “Google has strict terms and conditions designed to protect advertisers and the online experience for their customers and our users. If an AdSense partner breaks those terms and conditions then we will not allow them to serve AdSense ads. We work with our customers to ensure they understand our policies and are happy to discuss how they can become compliant and serve ads once more.”

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