Google, P&G swapping employees

Google and Procter & Gamble (P&G) have been swapping employees since earlier this year in an effort to foster creativity and establish a mutual relationship.

Since January, about 24 employees from Google and P&G have been sitting in on each other’s business meetings while brainstorming and offering outsider opinions and ideas.

“In January, we hosted brand managers from Tide in our offices across the United States,” said Denise Chudy, sales team leader at Google. “We reciprocated by sending a few of our people to sit with the Tide team for four weeks to learn their side. The talent exchange is all about idea and information sharing and training each other in different disciplines.”

P&G has come to realize that the next generation of consumers spends more time on the Internet than with TV. P&G is the world’s largest advertising spender with an annual budget of $8.7 billion but currently only spends an estimated 2% on Internet marketing. Google hopes to gain extra advertising dollars through P&G’s desire for a stronger online presence.

“The talent exchange was in response to the recognition that our teams weren’t doing enough together,” said Chudy. “What they got out of it was a better understanding of digital and what they could do with it. And we got a better understanding of P&G so we could be better business partners with them.”

Since the news of the talent exchange was released, Google has been receiving requests from other large marketers and clients to establish similar programs.

“We are looking for ways to do this with other companies and expand this program,” said Chudy. “Every company has its own goals and objectives. We can’t create a talent exchange in a box. We really have to tailor it to the goals of a particular brand and we would have to do that with any other large marketer.”

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