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Google Offers New AdSense Formats

Google has added six more ad format options for publishers displaying its AdSense contextual paid listings.

The new formats are: 125×125-pixel button with one listing; 120×140 vertical banner with two listings; 180×150 small rectangle with one listing; 160×600 wide skyscraper with five listings; 250×250 square with five listings; and 336×280 large rectangle with four listings.

The new ad formats join the four already offered: 728×90 leaderboard with four listings; 468×60 banner with two listings; 120×600 skyscraper with four listings; and 300×250 inline rectangle with four listings. Publishers can customize the color of the ads.

Google operates a self-service ad network that allows small publishers to sign up to display its pay-for-performance listings that are targeted to a Web page’s content. It has said thousands of Web sites worldwide carry the listings. In addition to the new formats, Google added Dutch and Portugese support for AdSense, making it available in eight languages.

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