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Google is giving away free smartphones to fashion bloggers?

Clearly Google’s decided it’s had enough of geeky tech journalists covering it, and it’s now trying to get on the good side of the fashionista crowd. 

According to this post by Sam Biddle at Valleywag, the tech giant is having an event in New York exclusively for “digital fashion influencers”.  Partnering with fashion products app Snapette, attendees at the party will get exclusive white Nexus 4 phones (i.e. unavailable to the public) just for showing up. There will also be a competition to see which one of the attendees has the biggest reach on social media.

What’s the point? Google’s been known to just throw free stuff at the media, who have only been too happy to scoop up the goodies. But it’s interesting to see it target fashionistas this time. Looks like it’s recognized that smartphones are as much a lifestyle brand as a tech gadget and in the battle against the iPhone, Google’s looking to identify and convert as many influencers as possible.  



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