Google enters the Big Apple

In a building literally steps from New York’s famous meat market district, Google unveiled its new sales and engineering offices recently, and DM News reporters Cara Wood, Giselle Abramovich and Dianna Dilworth attended the tour of the office.

The building, constructed in 1932, originally was built for the New York Port Authority. It is the biggest building in Manhattan in terms of square footage. Google takes up about 300,000 square feet on three floors in the building, at 111 Eighth Ave.

The office is brightly color-coded with the famous Google colors. There are 50 phone booths, 28 meeting rooms and 25 huddle rooms that are equipped for videoconferencing. The conference rooms are named after New York locations like Central Park.

The New York advertising office is Google’s biggest, and the engineering center in New York is the largest outside of the main headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

The office has a lounging area with video games, foosball, air hockey and recliners for anyone who needs a short nap.

“It’s going to be a lot busier in here very soon, and presumably a lot messier,” said Craig Nevill-Manning, New York engineering director and the tour guide.

The office capacity is about 1,000 people. Currently about 500 have moved in. As we walked down the halls past empty offices, Mr. Nevill-Manning assured us that soon they would be filled.

One benefit of the New York office is the hiring opportunities. Google brought on many software engineers who were reluctant to work on the West Coast.

The office also expects to integrate New York’s diversity into its hiring. Having international employees is a strength for the search engine, which has a majority of its queries submitted from overseas.

The company also will work to attract more female software engineers, as Google currently hires many more men in the engineering departments.

Mr. Nevill-Manning is the founder of the New York engineering office, which houses more than 100 projects. Tim Armstrong, vice president of advertising sales, founded the sales office back in 2000.

Other key players in the newly opened office are Alan Warren, New York engineering director, and Penry Price, Eastern sales director.

Near the entrance of the office, Google Earth is displayed on the wall, and Google searches are displayed on the floor in real time and they are edited for inappropriate content.

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